Trump taps JFK files to distract from the file Mueller is building

I met Lee Harvey Oswald’s Soviet control agent. It is a story that is buried in my notebooks, but memorable. His name is KGB Colonel Oleg Maximovich Nechiporenko and he has been outed before. Nechiporenko met and conferred with Oswald via the Soviet Union’s embassy in Mexico City only weeks before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


Secret JFK assassination files are buried deep in the intelligence community’s basement, but will see the light of day when released by the 45th president, a White House occupant who believes and freely deals in global conspiracies.

Releasing these files allows President Trump yet again to distract the nation from his inability to govern effectively. Further, it gives him another shot at undermining an American intelligence community he deeply distrusts by exposing CIA and FBI dark secrets and asserting these agencies are up to no good. Presidential distraction and revenge aside, the hidden files will certainly contain information about Nechiporenko and his Soviet colleagues.  READ MORE