Kremlin, 1991-92


Markos Kounalakis started his journalism career in radio working for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.  He later co-produced and hosted the syndicated Spotlight on World Affairs program.  He continued to work in radio/audio for Deutsche Welle, Radio New Zealand, NBC-Mutual News, and, most recently, on his co-hosted, nationally syndicated Washington Monthly on the Radio program.  Linked below are sample programs and excerpts from his recent radio work.


Six years ago, a US Secretary of State John Kerry declared an end to the Monroe Doctrine and US dominance of the Latin America. Hoover visiting fellow Markos Kounalakis suggests that the Trump Administration’s response to the constitutional crisis in Venezuela – economic sanctions, the outside chance of military intervention – is an indicator the doctrine is alive and kicking.

Hour 4: Guests: David Slayton, Hoover. Markos Kounlikakis, Hoover. Bob Zimmerman, Sid Perkins, Science.

Calexico: True stories of life in California's borderlands.  This radio documentary features the stories of people affected by immigration on a daily basis - those who live and work on our borders.  This hour, meet journalist Chuck Bowden; learn about the fictional ingénue Barbara Worth; hear social commentary from waitress Bonnie Peterson; connect with poet and scholar Juan Felipe Herrera; meet the sign designer who conjured the iconic freeway sign warning drivers not to run over immigrants; and come to dinner with farmer George Mainas and his wife Maria. 

This hour, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda; a representative of the fence company working on the new border barrier, Jason Booth; Calexico poet Angel Sandoval; a couple of dedicated Border Patrolmen; Imperial Valley College president Dr. Ed Gould, and another poet, Rod McKuen. 

This hour, the curator of the Pioneers’ Museum, Norm Wuytens; EPA pollution border expert Tomás Torres; Bud Lite sales expert Juan Torres; Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera; and pollster Sergio Bendixen.

 This hour, Imperial Valley pioneer settler Mrs. Munger; Mike Bradley, a Canadian border mayor; Canadian author Farley Mowatt; Imperial Valley College humanities professor Dr. Melanie Guinn; Calexico mayor Luis Pacheco; and salsa instructor Angel Zavala.

This hour, Border activist Eloisa Tamez; Chad Foster, a Texas border mayor; Lawyer Emily Rickers; Imperial Valley former Carrot Queen Dana Hawk; and the drummer in the band Calexico, John Convertino.