With U.S. riding high, bet on the powerful dollar

Gambling is a daily activity in which we all partake but are likely unaware. Without going to Vegas, America makes long-term bets with our money. U.S. greenbacks in our pockets or banks regularly rise and fall in global value. Lately, it has been a good bet.

Recent international developments have created extremely favorable conditions for the U.S. dollar’s value while many other countries face challenging economic conditions. Multiple factors have a direct effect on the fluctuating value of global currencies, including things like wars, bank crises, political instability, deficits, unemployment, civil unrest and natural disasters.

It is a complex system, but it has simple effects: Americans will find that the dollar’s increased value means a Rome vacation is cheaper, flat screen TVs made in Asia will drop in price, and gas at the pump … well, an oil supply glut and a higher valued dollar could soon lead to a two-buck gallon of gas.  (Read more)