Washington Monthly on the Radio is a one-hour weekly talk radio show about politics, government and culture, hosted  by Peter Laufer and Markos Kounalakis. The show gives a voice to the magazine it is named for by providing a lively forum for journalists, policy makers and newsmakers to discuss the pressing issues of the day. 

Peter Laufer and Markos Kounalakis have the kind of rapport that only a long-standing friendship such as theirs can produce. Having spent a lifetime as journalists covering everything from war to famine to political coups, their interviewing style can go from being conversational to investigative in a split second. Peter delights in springing tough questions on guests both unexpectedly and in the best of fun; while Markos prefers to let his cool, calm and collected personality encourage guests to speak more openly than perhaps they might have wished to. No matter who’s asking the questions though, you can be sure of witty, intelligent and fun topical discussions in every interview, on every show!