Kremlin, 1991-92


Markos Kounalakis started his journalism career in radio working for the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.  He later co-produced and hosted the syndicated Spotlight on World Affairs program.  He continued to work in radio/audio for Deutsche Welle, Radio New Zealand, NBC-Mutual News, and, most recently, on his co-hosted, nationally syndicated Washington Monthly on the Radio program.  Linked below are sample programs and excerpts from his recent radio work.


Hour 4: Guests: David Slayton, Hoover. Markos Kounlikakis, Hoover. Bob Zimmerman, Sid Perkins, Science.

Calexico: True stories of life in California's borderlands.  This radio documentary features the stories of people affected by immigration on a daily basis - those who live and work on our borders.  This hour, meet journalist Chuck Bowden; learn about the fictional ingénue Barbara Worth; hear social commentary from waitress Bonnie Peterson; connect with poet and scholar Juan Felipe Herrera; meet the sign designer who conjured the iconic freeway sign warning drivers not to run over immigrants; and come to dinner with farmer George Mainas and his wife Maria. 

This hour, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castañeda; a representative of the fence company working on the new border barrier, Jason Booth; Calexico poet Angel Sandoval; a couple of dedicated Border Patrolmen; Imperial Valley College president Dr. Ed Gould, and another poet, Rod McKuen. 

This hour, the curator of the Pioneers’ Museum, Norm Wuytens; EPA pollution border expert Tomás Torres; Bud Lite sales expert Juan Torres; Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera; and pollster Sergio Bendixen.

 This hour, Imperial Valley pioneer settler Mrs. Munger; Mike Bradley, a Canadian border mayor; Canadian author Farley Mowatt; Imperial Valley College humanities professor Dr. Melanie Guinn; Calexico mayor Luis Pacheco; and salsa instructor Angel Zavala.

This hour, Border activist Eloisa Tamez; Chad Foster, a Texas border mayor; Lawyer Emily Rickers; Imperial Valley former Carrot Queen Dana Hawk; and the drummer in the band Calexico, John Convertino.